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Stay Engaged and Motivated: Tips for Working from Home

We all understand the importance of staying focused when working from home. But it’s incredibly difficult lately, with all the additional stresses brought on from Covid, and the likelihood of having other family members also home with you.

So, particularly right now, working from home can be very distracting. And if you let disruptions take up too much of your time, your business could be at risk. You need a strategy to stay focused when working from home. Concentrating on work-related tasks is easier said than done when you run a home-based business. To keep on track, try these ways to stay focused and be better able to manage your stress:

Define your workspace.

You need an area in your home that you can call your workspace. Think of a home workspace like this: The rooms in your home are designed for specific purposes. You eat in your kitchen, sleep in your bedroom and park your car in your garage.

You need a place in your home that will give you the maximum focus for managing your company.

You don’t need an elaborate office. A simple desk and comfortable chair can help you stay on task and organized. Though sitting at a desk might not be as cozy as your couch, you’ll have better focus. Also designate a specific place for paperwork, phones and other business materials in your workspace.

Create a schedule.

Make a schedule for your workday to stay on track-and stick with it. Setting deadlines and working toward goals will help you stay productive through multiple disruptions.

Your livelihood depends on how well you manage time. Prioritize your responsibilities in a list, and finish the most urgent ones first. Once you get high-priority duties done, don’t forget to set aside time for smaller tasks. Keep up with your paperwork! When administrative tasks pile up, they can become totally overwhelming.

Use a calendar to record your work hours, appointments and deadlines. Keep the calendar organized and up to date.

Don’t forget to set alerts for when important dates are approaching! Also set a certain time each day you’ll check emails, etc. If you check every time something comes in you’ll never get work done.

Take breaks.

Plan on taking breaks throughout the day. You can also focus on enhancing skills you already have - or want to have.

Right now, Facebook is offering a ton of free courses : here’s the link:

You might feel that you get a lot done by grinding away at business tasks day and night. But, you'll be setting yourself up for trouble. Overloading yourself with work can exhaust you - putting you at risk of making mistakes.

It’s healthy to sideline your business responsibilities occasionally to take care of yourself. Take breaks to do things you enjoy, like grabbing lunch with a friend or working out.

A change of pace recharges your mind and helps to inspire some new ideas you can apply to your business.

- Susan Goldstein

An innovator, and digital media marketing veteran, Susan has many years of experience helping organizations and small businesses develop targeted, measurable, and Interactive strategies to increase reach, customer retention, and conversions. Susan has been executing successful cross-platform digital and social media campaigns, digital brand launches, and multi-channel social media strategies for over 20 years. Susan is also a copywriter and marketing strategist with client experience in web marketing project management and corporate training. She looks forward to helping your small business sell more of your products and services online.

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