A Sheet of Paper and a Plan

Updated: Aug 1

So let’s play the pretend game. Let’s pretend you are a woman who wants to start a business. You have a skill, hobby, or an interest that you are good at. Actually, you are GREAT at! You have spent years telling your sister, your husband, and even your dog all of your plans for utilizing your great skill as an entrepreneur. Here’s where the “but” comes in: But you know nothing about starting, managing, or maintaining the ACTUAL business side of things.

Well, hello! Your Boss-Business-Queen Fairy Godmother has arrived! I am here to help you through all of the mess, muss, and fuss of not only starting your business, but managing it as well. Let’s start with the actual conception and launch of your dream.

There are many places you can start, but I like to start at the very basics. Grab a pen and a sheet of paper. No, your phone will not work for this exercise; nor your computer, tablet or a pigeon. You need a pen and a sheet of paper. (There is a method to my madness, which I will explain later)

On this paper, I want you to write the date. Then I want you to title it “Business Plan”. Do you have a name for your dream business? Write it down. Still working on names? That’s ok, write the winning three down.

Next, I want you to tell me what your business does. What products will you offer? What services? Got that? Ok next.

Now, write down your mission statement. It doesn’t have to be fancy. It just needs to tell me why you are opening, why you are offering xyz, and what you intend to accomplish with this business.

If you noticed, I used the word “WHY” a lot in that last part. This is also what I need from you: WHY? Why do you want to own a business? What is your “Why” when you have had a horrible day at your shop, and the toilet overflowed and your kids are screaming, dinner is burning, and you’re pretty sure you smell poop (canine or child, you’re not sure)? What is your “WHY”? What drives you to run your business and build a business? What pushes you to get up every day and reach for your business goals?

Finally, I want you to write a second date. This date represents when would you like to start your business. (When the kids graduate, I retire, and the cat finally uses the toilet (and flushes) are not acceptable answers!) I want a stone-cold date. It can be in three months, six months, or even a year, but it CANNOT be over three years from now! Write that date down, Sugar Plum.

Now, the reason I had you write this down on a sheet of paper, is two-fold. One, there is a theory, (which I whole-heartedly agree with), that when we go through the physical action of writing something down, we are more likely to follow through. We will continue to think of that sheet of paper, to desire to fulfill that sheet of paper.

Secondly, I want you to have a tangible piece of history. This piece of history you can frame and put in your future office, or even stick in a drawer. Whatever you decide to do with it is irrelevant. All I want, is for you to have this date to look back on after you accomplish your dream.

Are you ready? Then let’s get to work! Email me to set up your FREE 30 minute consultation. And bring that sheet of paper with you!


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