And most of all, I give you hope.

Updated: Aug 1

For the last two months I have toyed with different topics for my first blog as the official Queen Maker. I come up with an idea, I roll it around for a few days, and then ultimately, throw it away. Funny enough, this small and somewhat innocuous decision, has taken on a greater importance than necessary. So it was at 3am, while drinking gin and tonics and discussing the state of the world – that I decided on a topic: hope.

The subject of hope may be a little too emotional, or maybe considered too much of an emotion-driven topic, for a blog that focuses on the empowerment of female business owners. Bear with me though, as I explain.

Empowerment is all about embracing everything feminine. It is about finding strength within weakness. It is the discovery of that “a hah” moment, when you discover something about yourself, maybe at 27 years old or 39 or 62, that causes you to pause and accept yourself as the beautiful, complex creature that you are. Empowerment is different for every woman. But there are a few fundamental building blocks, or cornerstones if you will, that contribute to the evolution of the empowered woman.

Hope is one of those. In a society, where the daily topics range from delusional politics to violence, hatred and angst – we as women need this superpower known as hope. Hope gets us up in the morning. Hope drives us to create new ideas within our businesses. Hope wipes the tears from our little ones faces and hope laughs at the innocence of a puppy’s kisses.

Hope is essential to the modern day business queen. It is hope that causes us to try one more time, to give a new idea a chance to blossom into a flower of financial freedom. Hope allows us to create a business that yes, offers a good or service, but also offers an experience to the customer. It is hope that allows us to go a little out of the way for a client or even do something as simple as being kind to an unhappy client. Hope allows us to cope with a bad day, because we know the next, will be better. And it is hope, that we celebrate, when we reach our successes. Because it was the quiet voice of hope, that pushed us through our greatest doubts.

Is hope an emotional topic? Yes it is. But we are emotional beings. And in order to operate at our full potential and reach our loftiest goals we must embrace who we are and we must embrace hope. Hope will empower you. Hope will lead you. And hope will comfort you.

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