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The launching of brother company: 

The King Maker

Over the years, we have been dedicated to the growth and development of women-owned businesses and entrepreneurs. But now, we are welcoming our men's department to join our company as our partner. The King Maker is dedicated to the growth of our new clients and entrepreneurs and to provide the same level of professional services, our clients have come to know as our standard of care. We are so excited to welcome a new team of professionals and a new set of goal-crushing entrepreneurs. 

Portrait of Businessman

The King Maker

The King Maker will provide all of the same services that The Queen Maker does, but to men. We offer professionals who are capable of assisting in all of your entrepreneurial needs. Interested in setting up a FREE consult? Fill out our questionnaire here!

The King Maker Promise

At the King Maker, we are committed to offering YOU, the professional man, who is building a business, the opportunity to tap into endless resources and years of experience, in order to make your entrepreneurial aspirations come to fruition. Our monthly blast, features free assets and additional content for you and your business. Sign up here

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