You have an idea...

Starting a business can be a confusing process... but it doesn't need to be! Our mission is to guide and coach female entrepreneurs every step of the way. From getting business licenses, to insurance to opening for that first client - we have your back!

The Queen Maker was established by a woman, just like you, who took her dreams and made them into a thriving career. Our entire team knows exactly what it is like to have a dream, a drive, to own your own business, but not know exactly where to start. Let the Queen Maker and her leading team of entrepreneurs help you!

Now until March 31 2020, you can get a FREE 30 minute consult with one of our professionals. Take a moment to fill out a quick questionnaire, before your appointment! 


S. Jacoby made her first dollar at seven years old. From then on, it became a calling to not only be in business for herself, but to be as successful as possible. After retiring at age 32, from her five-location fitness empire, S. Jacoby decided to form The Queen Maker, for women who had a dream of a business of their own, but just weren't sure of how to make that dream into a reality. She formed a team of fellow female entrepreneurs, to help aspiring business women, with all of their practical and motivational needs. For more information, contact us below.


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